Risky business of being a teenager

Author: Anna Grizāne Do you ever look back at your teenage years and think – “Oh my my, what was I thinking?” A lower back tattoo, a questionable hairstyle choice, a broken leg which could have easily been avoided if you had not taken  that leap, a party with random strangers which could have gone

Ask Me Anything – Dr. Haralds Plaudis

What advice would you have for those who aren’t sure which specialty in medicine they want to choose, but really want to be successful at what they do? Well, I think that it is only normal that we are not always confident and are a bit scared when we start something new. Especially in a

Circumcision – necessity or trend

Author: Ivars Veckalns If you have read the title you have a general idea about what  the main topic of this article will be. It will be about penises. This organ can be classified  in many different ways – big, small, straight, curved, disappointing, showers, grovers etc. But in this article we will focus on