Do Your Tweets Influence The Success Of Your Fitness Plan?

In recent days, the rise of social media has been phenomenal. People record their every move, emotion and thought on a number of platforms. One of the most used out of these has been Twitter.

Technically, we could assume that the increasing use of social media has been a factor to this sedentary lifestyle. However, have you ever wondered how the two could possibly be linked in a positive sense? Have we ever imagined that our social media traits can ultimately be responsible for how successful we are in our fitness endeavors?

The rise of pseudo-embryos

Life. There is no more needed for an animal’s life to begin than only two cells- females oocyte and males spermatozoid. The fusion of these cells brings life to continuity by enabling a vigorous proliferation thus making embryo precursor of independent, self sustaining biological system; an animal. Not only 24% of the mouse embryos fully

The first cases of multi-drug resistant Candida auris fungal infections have hit the US

Researches have established that Candida auris is an emerging pathogenic fungus that causes invasive infections. This was reported on four continents during 2009-2015 by CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). The organism is deceptively difficult to find using traditional diagnostic methods. Some isolates have been found to be resistant to all three major anti-fungal