The Journal

May 2017

Semper Anticus is proud to unveil its new issue of May 2017 in which we discuss a plethora of topics ranging from Antibacterial resistance in Latvia and HIV vaccine phase II clinical trials to Trump and Brexit.

The Semper Anticus team has been working hard to give you the best content in the most representable and aesthetic way, with attention to minute detail we have crafted this issue with gained knowledge from our past work and new vigour for future success.

Download your own PDF version in both English and Latvian, and if you enjoy the digital version come by the RSU Students Council on Wednesday, June 7 and pick up the printed version for an even better experience!

Semper Anticus English version

Semper Anticus Latvian version


November 2016

This was the beginning of Semper Anticus – our creators, Ingus Apse and Ivars Veckalns, had this insane idea of making a scientific journal that would not only  engage its readers in discussing current medical topics, but also be aesthetically pleasing to the eye and to the touch.

Hard work and attention to detail were and still are the cornerstones in creating Latvia’s very first student based popular-scientific journal.

Semper Anticus English Version

Semper Anticus Latvian Version


Semper Anticus