The Best Authors from the Second Issue

In association with WIDE

We are delighted to announce that the time has finally come to give back to our best authors of the II issue of “Semper Anticus“! During the course of this week, we will slowly reveal the winners of the III, II and I place who will receive gift cards from our partners – Baltic3D. They will have a fantastic opportunity to welcome the warmer months by printing out their most dazzling ideas in 3D.

3rd Place

Sintija Miļuna

Sintija’s article was about the topic “Gums and tobacco – do they correlate?”, which highlighted the effect that smokeless tobacco, otherwise known as snus, has on our gums as well as mentioned various illnesses that it can cause. After reading the article, it becomes obvious that smokeless tobacco is gaining more and more popularity whilst leading to consequences that undeniably show us that it is necessary to draw peoples’ attention to the harmful effects of this as well as any other type of tobacco.

The “Semper Anticus“ team wants to thank Sintija for her participation in our project and wish her the very best in further scientific adventures!

2nd Place

Kamiar-K. Rückert

Have you ever thought about whether or not we profit from illness?

This was exactly the topic that Kamiar-K. Rückert discussed in the II issue of “Semper Anticus” and is also the reason why he is our II place winner and the owner of a 100EUR gift card from Baltic3D!

Kamiar’s article highlighted the various ways that we can profit from illness either by being sick ourselves or by taking on the role of care-takers. Being sick gives us the opportunity to escape an unwanted party or have the pleasure of someone else taking care of us while being the caretaker allows us to help others and in return improve our self-esteem.

1st Place

Ieva Lapiņa

We are proud to present the best author from the II issue of “Semper Anticus” and I place winner Ieva Lapiņa, who is now the owner of a 150EUR gift card from Baltic3D!

In her article Ieva wrote about the topic “International Communication Competences in Higher Education”, allowing the reader to ponder about the various tools necessary for successful communication with people of other cultures, which is especially important when studying abroad. What is one of the main messages of the article? “In the beginning of the exchange programme all participating students were open to new opportunities and communicating with people from other countries. Later though students experienced some difficulties, such as, fear from the unknown, not enough knowledge about the other person’s culture and the language barrier. ”

The “Semper Anticus” team wants to thank Ieva for participating in our project and turning her Master’s Thesis into a popular-scientific article! Information regarding receiving the award will follow via e-mail.