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AS Grindeks is an internationally integrated pharmaceutical company in the Baltic states with a history dating back to 1946. Back then it all began by producing vitamins and hormones, but over time it has become a vertically integrated pharmaceutical group. Nowadays the company has 70 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. The main areas of activity are the research, development and production of original products, generics and active pharmaceutical substances.

Grindeks specialises in drugs affecting the cardiovascular system, central nervous system and drug therapeutic groups with anti-cancer effects. Within the Grindeks group there are 5 subsidiary companies in Latvia, Estonia, Slovakia and Russia and representative offices are open 12 countries.

Products are exported to 71 countries and make up 91% of the total turnover. The most important markets are the European Union, Russia and other CIS countries, USA, Canada, Japan and Vietnam. Grindeks shares are listed on the Nasdaq Riga Official List.

imageMENARINI pursues two strategic objectives: research and internationalisation. Both endeavours enable innovative products to be used successfully for the satisfaction of patients throughout the world. The MENARINI Group enjoys an outstanding reputation worldwide as an efficient and reliable partner. This applies both to the development of new drugs and to the communication of scientific insights.

SIA “Centrālā laboratorija” started its activities in 1995 and has now become one of the largest and most modern Baltic laboratories with 50 branches and more than 200 employees.

On May 2, 2015, the laboratory was evaluated according to LVS EN ISO 15189: 2013 standard in the following fields: hematology, biochemistry, coagulation, immunology, cytology, microbiology, virology, parasitology, molecular biology – DNA testing.

As an established and innovative company with more than 10 years’ experience in teaching medical professionals, Mediprofess is not only a “finder” or “contact person”, but also a reliable companion, moderator and mediator.

In eight years’ time, Adenta has become one of the most prestigious dental clinics in Latvia. It has been created on the Canadian model of complete transparency and by guiding ourselves daily with the mantra “inform before you do”.

Adenta’s goal is to provide dental health through the latest technology and timely prophylactic treatment. The clinic employs highly qualified and well-trained staff, thus providing the highest proficiency of dental services. The team of doctors work together seamlessly promoting continuous mutual communication in order to find the best course of treatment.

The dental clinic always has a pleasant atmosphere; visitors are offered artwork and photo exhibitions that provide visual enjoyment.

The Antalis Team has been in the paper distribution business for 20 years. They are the great example of continuous growth and development in line with the wishes of their clients. The scope of the business expands every year, and its assortment of polygraph products is one of the largest in Europe. For more than 10 years now, Antalis offers a wide range of hygienic goods, products and solutions for public spaces.

What is so special about them? The Anatalis Team thinks that it is their professional team work, the ability to face challenges and values that unite every employee while meeting the needs of their clients. Their strength lies in the ideas and projects that they have realized and the mission of always having many more ideas to be fulfilled.

logo2The Latvian Medical Association was founded in 1988. The director of the Latvian Medical Association is Pēteris Apinis. The aim of the association is to improve the national health system and qualifications of doctors by protecting the legal, professional and economic interests of medical personnel, developing and improving the organisation within the national health system and medical education, as well as popularizing ethical principles and regulating their implementation amongst doctors.

In 1989 the Latvian Medical Association started publishing a professional journal “Latvijas Ārsts” (Latvian Doctor), which successfully provides medical personnel with news from the medical community. Four times per year the Latvian Medical Association organizes interdisciplinary conferences in Riga and other cities in Latvia, and work conferences are held twice a year for members of the Latvian Medical Association. Meetings for members take place regularly.

16923454_10212238477176714_1062968315_nPSGRiga is the Psychosomatic Student Group for Riga Stradins medical students. Founded in 2016 by Kamiar-K. Rückert, it provides interested students with monthly meetings regarding the concept of Somatization, Psychodynamic Theories as well as Concepts of Personality Organization.

The aim of the group is to educate future doctors about concepts of psychodynamic processes and somatization in the everyday medical context. Each session is held at the Psihosomatikas Klinikas, Riga under the supervision of medical doctors.

The RSU Anatomy Circle was founded by Konstantin Selyansky and Ole Somberg during their clinical studies to provide extracurricular topics for students studying anatomy by giving insight into clinical investigations techniques. In monthly session under the supervision of professor Kažoka students are presented with clinical cases, work with medical simulators, dissect and learn clinically relevant examinations.

Anatomy is considered to be one of the most complex subjects for medical students to wrap their minds around. But what if it was made easy to understand and interesting to learn? Anatomy next makes this possible. Their mission is to help students learn anatomy faster and more efficiently. Make your studies unforgettable by using Anatomy next! Use it and fall in love with anatomy!



Sventes Rasa holiday lettings offer a great and relaxing time in the picturesque Southeast corner of Latvia. From the highest peak at Egluklans hill there is an old fire lookout station, where you can see one of the most beautiful views of “Sventes” lake. The lake is one of the deepest and clearest lakes in Latvia. The Lake is full of many hidden coves, and with its three small islands offers a heaven for nature among its broad-leaved forests.

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