Bee or not to bee?

Author: Ivars Veckalns As you may have heard the environment is changing. We can close our eyes and live in ignorance and pretend that nothing is happening but the nature, the ecosystem of the world is suffering and being modified by human activities. From the well known change in global temperature that has risen severely

The Medical Diagnoses of Famous Artworks

Author: Anastasija Zaičenko Art and medicine have always been connected. The depiction of medical conditions in art can be useful in studying the history of medicine. Famous artworks quite frequently present medical anomalies, including genetic diseases. In this article I’m going to show you famous paintings , in which diseases and disorders are presented.

Risky business of being a teenager

Author: Anna Grizāne Do you ever look back at your teenage years and think – “Oh my my, what was I thinking?” A lower back tattoo, a questionable hairstyle choice, a broken leg which could have easily been avoided if you had not taken  that leap, a party with random strangers which could have gone